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"Long" Logo We need a "long" logo to "thin" the header section of the website.  
Profile Pictures  Obtain pictures of all in-residence priests and add additional pictures, so the priests can choose their own profile pictures!  
Contact Us - Music Ministry Do we need to add contact info for Kate and Linda  
Music Records How would we provide notification / access / requests for buying Kate and Linda and other music CDs?  
About Us Does the site need an About Us page  
Terms of Use Page Does the Site need a Terms of Use page? (Copyright statements)  
Privacy Notice page Does the site need a Privacy Notice page  
Daily Word Can we incorporate / embed / link the Daily Word from USCCB site?  
Links - Youth Group Link   
Permission Parish Staff We need to permission the HF staff that may update pages and information on the website. One of the site owners just needs a list of email addresses.  
Mass Schedule Indicate Special Needs Mass on Mass Schedule page.  
Religious Ed - File Cabinet Need File Cabinet for Communion, Confirmation, Registration Forms, Handbook, Sponsor  
Religious Ed Calendar - Create Create a new calendar for Religious Ed  
Religious Ed - Need Sacrement Pages for Procedures Need full pages for Communion and Confirmation notes (content from Handbook and Mailings), Confirmation Workbook  
Home Page - needs the Pastor's touch   
Religious Ed Calendar - include on RE Landing page   
Religious Ed - Create new Picasa "account" Create a new Picasa account for RE photos (to get more free disk space)  
Religious Ed - Photos on RE page Display Photos on RE page  
Religious Ed - Set up Announcements  Set up announcements for RE - Accountments Page + Recent Posts  
Columnize Ministries   
Create links from All Ministries to something Links to existing sites and pages or summary page  
Mass Schedule Youth Group mass (if/when official)  
Showing 22 items